Helping executives and high-performing leaders find the courage and wisdom to maximize growth in new and challenging situations

Being an effective leader requires self-awareness, acknowledgement, and courage

We’re living through a time of unprecedented uncertainty and stress that is asking more of us all. And when our old formulas, tools, and experiences prove to be ineffective, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the demands and responsibilities associated with being a leader.

Effective leadership is not about having everything figured out. It is about having courage.


Courage to approach change with a growth mindset.


Courage to set boundaries, seek the support you need, and trust yourself to stay operating at your best.


Courage to recognize how your own beliefs and behaviors may be holding you and others back.


Courage to take imperfect action, and to accept that growth is a process of learning and making meaning as you go.

Courage is easier, and more effective, when you have the right support

As a Leadership Coach I use effective, research and evidence-based principles to help leaders show up courageously. Because courage is required to challenge our beliefs & assumptions, to explore & experiment with alternative approaches, to learn from the experience, and to apply the lessons learned consistently in the future.

For most leaders this involves helping them to integrate their personal and professional lives, so they can feel more fulfilled in both. When we operate from a place of fulfillment, it’s much easier to find meaning in our work – something that fuels us as we tackle both the mundane and more challenging aspects of being a leader.

Coaching can also focus on specific aspects of leadership, such as:

Increasing your self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence
Adapting your leadership style for higher effectiveness
Improving your ability to prioritize and manage time
Communicating with more clarity and influence
Developing a strategic mindset
Being more comfortable and effective at managing change

Feeling more confident leading through new and challenging situations

How coaching works

Whether you’ve been a leader for a few minutes or a few decades, coaching provides a safe and confidential space to discuss, reflect, practice, and learn new behaviors and leadership competencies. As your coach, I will support you to:



We’ll start by understanding how your current beliefs and behaviors affect your performance.



You’ll experiment with alternative approaches to the challenges you are facing.



You’ll reflect on the results of those experiments and decide what you’ll make them mean.



You’ll choose and reinforce beliefs and behaviors that improve both performance and results sustainably.

Coaching can benefit both
individuals and organizations

Individual Clients

Designed for courageous leaders at any stage in their leadership-life cycle.

12 virtually delivered coaching sessions

One 360 feedback assessment

Average duration of total engagement:
8 to 12 months

Total investment: $6,500


Tailor-made approach designed to address the specific needs of the organization.

1-1 or Group Coaching

360 feedback assessments

Average duration of total engagement:
8 to 12 months

Book a call to discuss

Schedule a complementary, one-hour, virtual discovery meeting to discuss the details of what coaching might look like for you.


How much time do I need to invest in coaching?

Typical coaching relationships span from eight to twelve months, and involve one-hour coaching sessions every two to four weeks. Each session we’ll identify something for you to work on before our next call. These activities will usually not take a large amount of time, but will require you to be deliberate and to step out of auto-pilot, in order to adjust your response or behavior in certain situations.

When is the right time to work with a coach?

Coaching can be used to help you navigate a new or challenging situation. However coaching doesn’t have to be a tool you turn to only in times of crisis.

Leadership coaching is designed to help you find a sense of purpose, grow as a human and as a leader, and inspire the best in those around you. Things you can benefit from any time. But which will also leave you more prepared to deal with a crisis when it strikes.

How will we measure the impact of coaching?

At the start of our coaching relationship we’ll assess where you are, identify some goals you’d like to work towards, and define the milestones and metrics to measure your progress.

What should I consider when choosing a coach?

A coaching relationship is built on trust and candid communication. It’s therefore important to find a coach that you respect, but also feel comfortable having honest and heartfelt conversations with. As a coach, I pride myself on bringing both real world leadership expertise , and world class research and training, to the coaching experience. But the only way to tell if we have the personal connection required to make you feel at ease – is to jump on a complimentary discovery call and see if we are a good fit.

What people say

“I met with Rafael for coaching during a particularly challenging time in my career. At the time, I wasn’t sure how I would benefit but I quickly learned that Rafael’s calm, confident manner inspired trust, and I strengthened or developed new leadership skills.”

Nancy W. Foy, CMP – Retired Manager, Meetings & Events at International Paper

“I had the pleasure of having Rafael as my Coaching/Mentor during his time working in IP Brazil. In our coaching meetings Rafael used a questions based kindly approach to help me find answers myself for issues I was facing and overcome a challenging transition moment of my career. I really recommend him as a coach!”

Rodrigo Belli – Business Unit Manager – Pulp and PaperBusiness Unit Manager
“Rafael was always kind in providing coaching but did not shy away from giving me the more challenging feedback I needed in order to see certain blind spots or opportunities. His questions helped me reflect carefully on my own leadership style and actions and enabled me to make the right adjustments and seek out opportunities to practice essential skills.“
Adam Miklos – Mill Manager at International Paper

Let’s explore what courageous leadership means for you

Schedule a complementary, one-hour, virtual discovery meeting.


Rafael Durand is a Leadership Coach & HR Consultant that specializes in helping individuals and organizations maximize their leadership performance and development.

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